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Temporarily Closed Businesses

Below is a list of the businesses from Little Red Book who appear temporarily closed. If you feel this is incorrect, please double-check with the business and let us know; it is possible that the information was not easy for us to locate on their website or social media to determine whether they were open or not.

Aberfoyle Antique Market

Ambrosia Pastry Co.

Bhima’s Warung

Box Social

Brux House

Danish Place, The

Elizabeth Street Eatery

Elora Bread Trading Co

Elora Mill

Evelyn, The

Guelph Grotto

Halton County Radial Railway

Iron Bucket Antiques

Izna Japanese Donburi House

Lokal , The


Loop, The

Osten Beerhall

Pie by Night

Porch Light, The

Quatrefoil Restaurant

Rich Uncle Tavern, The

Sugar Run

V-Edge Smoothie

Warka Tree

White Tiger


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